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iconomicon(I wonder how many people have migrated from LiveJournal over the last few weeks, while they’ve been dealing with the ridiculous DDoS attacks…)

I’m reading A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek by Omi M. Inouye. It’s a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek set of rules for finding, attracting, marrying, and taking care of your geek. One might wonder why I am reading such a thing, having been left by my geek only two months ago. I was worried it would make me cry, but it has done quite the opposite. I have laughed aloud every other sentence. The author writes footnotes after the style of Terry Pratchett (this cannot be a coincidence), one of my favorite authors, and Inouye’s style of writing has actually cheered me up.

I suppose I wanted to read it because I was curious about my past choices in men. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking for a geek because I’m a geek myself. (It cannot be denied.) Or maybe I might find some good advice in the pages. (There isn’t. The part about tricking your geek into marriage via pregnancy or alcohol isn’t good advice. Written in a very funny way, but not advisable. The author does say it’s not a good idea.) Or maybe there are some answers as to why I’ve failed in these relationships. (There aren’t.)

What I have found is that I am looking for the right type of person. I think geeks are adorable. I love their obsessed curiosity with their area of expertise, just as I am not ashamed of my own passion for categorization and organization of stuff and things (which reminds me–next weekend, I will put my books in order). So I hope I can find another geek someday. Maybe I should enroll in a math class or something.

Example of what is making me LOL for real:

Some believe that Newton’s First Law of Motion also applies to girlfriends. It states that an object at rest will remain at rest as long as no external, unbalanced force is acted upon it. Geeks use this law to rationalize not taking you out on dates, believing that if you like them on Tuesday, and they do not move you, you will still be there and like them the following Tuesday.


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