it feels like home

everything has a place

buttons, nails, screws, what fun!

I have spent the vast majority of my day organizing little things while listening to past episodes of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  (The “Not My Job” segment with Jesse Eisenberg was quite adorable.  He doesn’t watch movies?  I rarely watch them either, unless I’m with someone else and they do the choosing.  I don’t feel so strange anymore.  Although this reminds me–I did actually request a movie via Netflix (shocking!) about a week ago, and it hasn’t arrived.)  A friend’s son had accidentally stretched out my measuring tape too far (all 25 feet of it was looped around the living room carpet; it looked like a sad yellow snake), and I wandered into Home Depot this morning to pick up another, equally cheap model to replace it.  As is my wont, I found myself in the tools section.  I would love nothing more than to have a set of tools with neat, color-coded handles, or one of those big red metal toolboxes with drawers and compartments for everything.  They are, unfortunately, hundreds of dollars, so I settled for small plastic one for $12 that will do me just fine (as they say in Calla Bryn Sturgis).

Before my trip to Home Depot, I stopped in at Panera for my favorite treat–the very unhealthy 4 cheese souffle.  If I forgo all other unhealthy foods the rest of the week, could I justify this delight every Sunday morning?  I do love it.  I just might make that hour from 8-9 my little reward for surviving the week.  My second favorite companion (a book) shall accompany me for now.  Maybe someone will join me in the future, but for right now, it’s just me and Rilke.  (I’m rereading Letters to a Young Poet this week.  Fitting, all the pointed words about embracing solitude and knowing that love is being stored up for me by some other solitude somewhere…sigh.)

Pimpernel Place Mats, scenes from England

Following my micro organization spree, I hung up my 6 almost-square British-made Pimpernel place mats which I found in their original box at a yard sale about a year and a half ago.  The back of the box says “established 1933,” but other than that, I have no clue when they were actually manufactured.  I really just liked the green border and gold edging and woodcut pictures of places in England.  My grandmother would have loved them.  I think my grandfather would have had something to say about my lack of measuring standards when I hung them up.  (I’m more of an “eyeball it” measurer.  Ha.)  He was such a stickler for hanging things up so that they were exact.  I remember one time my grandmother decided to by actual drapes, instead of curtains, and they were supposed to be draped across the rods instead of hung.  My grandfather fussed over them for weeks because he couldn’t get them all to hang exactly the same.  He was so funny…

There are brownies in the oven, too.  Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies.  I am going over to a friend’s house (actually, the same friend whose oldest son strung out the measuring tape last week…I’ll leave the toolbox at home this time, haha; oh man the look on his face was so hilarious when she told him to clean it up and he couldn’t figure out how to put 25 feet of measuring tape in the trash can (“fold it,” I prompted, but it didn’t seem to get through); she and I were trying so hard not to laugh; she really has great kids) this afternoon.  I hope my irascible oven doesn’t burn them.  Next item on the acquisition list is an oven thermometer.  I’m 99% positive it’s running about 25° hot.  (Update: on the plus side, it only took the brownies 30 minutes to bake, instead of the predicted 40-45.)


~ by logosamorbos on April 10, 2011.

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