no puddleglums allowed

Okay, I admit it.  Last night was a bit emo.  Not as emo as what I wrote in my paper journal which was essentially, “So I got the taxonomy job.  La dee dah.  I don’t have anyone special to share it with, so who fucking cares?”  This would be the definition of emo.

Granted, sharing joy with someone is awesome.  The desire to share joy with another human being defines our humanity.  But not having a “significant other” right now doesn’t mean the important moments in my life are any less so.  This is great news for me.  I’m getting back to a job in which I excel.  I get to build things again, which always makes me happy.  Many people don’t have that right now.


~ by logosamorbos on April 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “no puddleglums allowed”

  1. Congrats on getting the taxonomy gig — it’s going to feel good to be back creating vocabularies and organizing information, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it will be. I won’t technically start it until June 7th, so I’ve got a little bit of lag time. There’s a chance I might get to start a little bit sooner because a project I started in my current position requires taxonomy implementation and, well, I would be the person to do that, now wouldn’t I. (Mwahahahahaha.)

  2. I’m so glad you got the job! It’s so much easier to go to work when you’re doing something you find really interesting.

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