solo movie night

I just finished watching Full Metal Jacket, and now I can say I’ve seen all of Stanley Kubrick’s films.  It’s hard to describe my feelings toward Kubrick.  His films are not relaxing.  I find my brain whirling away the entire time (Curse you, lit. crit. class!) and I get so nerdily excited when I catch glimpses of the symbolic gestures he employed.

That being said, I was a little sad that this was the last Kubrick film that I’d yet to see.  I wish it had been F is for Fake or Eyes Wide Shut.  I don’t think this was Kubrick’s best film; it seemed like a dark parody of Apocalypse Now.  Maybe he felt he had to do a Vietnam War movie since all the other directors had.  I had a hard time following his message because the story wandered so, moving from the breaking point of Pfc. “Gomer Pyle” during the Marine training to the Marines’ various deployments overseas to the eventual coming together of the characters at the end.  If Gomer’s breaking was supposed to affect the others more and dictate the remaining characters’ stories, it wasn’t evident…unless that was the point?  They’d been so brutalized during their training that the breaking of one of their own couldn’t affect them?  That part, in the middle of the night, when they trapped him in his bed and took turns beating him reminded me of Lord of the Flies, just a bit.  And the scene had the classic icy blue lighting that Kubrick favored for those moments when he was depicting things society would view as repulsive.  So. Cool.

I’m sure most people have seen the movie since it was released in 1987, but just in case there are a few people like me out there who haven’t, I won’t go into further detail regarding the ending.  Suffice it to say that the Mickey Mouse song is now forever associated with fire and darkness and Vietnam.  (What was it with Kubrick ruining iconic American songs?  Ummm, that link will take to a scene from A Clockwork Orange.  YOU’VE BEEN FOREWARNED.)

But hey! that was Jayne Cobb!


~ by logosamorbos on April 24, 2011.

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