this world was meant for me

My cat Frodo is leaning on my right arm, and the typing is making his head bob ever so slightly.  One would think this would eventually annoy him, but noooo, he is stubbornly refusing to move.

First Pit Stop

Saturday was an absolutely glorious day, spent marching through nature and talking with new people.  It was yet another first in my life.  Did you know?  Groups of strangers are not all scary!  None of them offered me candy and tried to shove me in an unmarked, windowless van, so another fear of my childhood has been completely negated.  There were 21 people in all who showed up for the meetup to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail.  We had a wide range of ages, from 14 to…well, I don’t know how old the oldest person was, so I won’t speculate.  It was a good group of people.

Knifes Edge

Knife's Edge on the Appalachian Trail

The goal of the hike was to scramble along the Knife’s Edge, up the Bear Rocks, and end at Bake Oven Knob lookout point.  It took a while for us to get organized–a one way hike requires some logistics–but once we got started everything went quite smoothly.  No one got lost or injured or sick (Tom found teaberries and convinced Brent to eat some, and no one died).

The vistas afforded panoramic views of idyllic Pennsylvania farmland, rich and green and luxurious.  The morning clouds which had blanketed the sky were blown away by the brisk winds, and we were treated to a Maxfield Parrish blue sky and perfect hiking weather.

My favorite portion of the trail was Bear Rocks.  The climb up was a challenge, and the reward was a 360° view from the summit of Kittatinny Ridge.  I felt I could have sat up there for hours, listening to nothing but the wind.

It was good to meet new people, to reach out into the world just a little further.  I know I found at least one kindred spirit in the bunch, and several people could easily be friends.  I rather wished I lived closer to them all–it would be nice to meet up with them for coffee sometime.

Climbing Bear Rocks

Climbing Up Bear Rocks

Bear Rocks

Bear Rocks, Kittatinny Ridge

View from Bear Rocks

World Falls
by the Indigo Girls

I’m coming home with a stone, strapped onto my back.
I’m coming home with a burning hope turning all my blues to black.
I’m looking for a sacred hand to carve into my stone.
A ghost of comfort, angels breath – to keep this life inside my chest.
This world falls on me with hopes of immortality.
Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me.
I woke up in the middle of a dream, scared the world was too much for me.
Sejarez said, “don’t let go, just plant the seeds and watch them grow.”
I’ve slept in rainy canyon lands, cold drenched to my skin.
I always wake to find a face to calm these troubled lands.
This world falls on me with dreams of immortality.
Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me.
Running – to the end of the earth
Swimming – to the edge of the sea
And I’m laughing under a starry sky

This world was meant for me.
Don’t bury me, carry me.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
The edge of death would disappear, leave me nothing left to taint.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
Give me walking shoes, feathered arms, and a key to heaven’s gate.
This world falls on me with dreams of immortality.

~ by logosamorbos on May 2, 2011.

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