ladies’ dinner

Bunch of Booze + Bunch of women who can cook
= Ladies’ Dinner (or, early Cinco de Mayo dinner)

But when Carrie’s internet connection fizzled and we lost Pandora, OH NOEZ. Taylor tried to manually renew the DHCP lease. Keilee and I thought, Well just unplug the ethernet cable from the wireless router and plug it into the laptop but nooooo it’s a VERIZON FiOS cable so no ethernet cable available. Hilarity. (There was a joke about how many new media consultants does it take to fix an internet connection…) Katie and Suzy tried turning off the router (because we remembered the lesson learned from everyone going crazy at work trying to fix the stress tests, and after 4 days of trying everything from rewriting code to taking crash dumps of the data, and all they had to do was restart the servers…haha). That didn’t work either. Somehow, after we all left, Carrie got it working again…with magic, I’m sure.

It’s good to relax with friends and eat delicious food and chatter about work and boys and life as girls will do.

Ladies' Dinner (photo by Carrie)


~ by logosamorbos on May 3, 2011.

One Response to “ladies’ dinner”

  1. Last night was completely awesome. Thanks for being there, thanks for being such a dear friend and thanks for the cheesecake!

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