so long and good luck

A former colleague is in town for a conference or something and stopped by work today to have lunch with someone on my team but didn’t say hi to me.  I thought, “Oh, maybe he didn’t have time.”  And then I found out that, at some point in the past couple of months, he removed me from his Facebook friends, and he seems to have blocked me on chat.  I don’t know why.  It bothers me.

But it’s him, not me.  I can say that because he didn’t even have the chutzpah to say, “I only pretended to like the cut of your jib, so really we aren’t even acquaintances” or “my girl is jealous of women I used to know on a casual level.”  So fine.  Whatever.  Go out to lunch with my coworker.  Say hi to the people in IT who never remembered what your actual name was.  (And I would correct them about it behind your back, “There’s no ‘s’ at the end. Really.”)

But I’ll never forget that you took me to try my first bowl of pho, and that you were the one who finally convinced me raw fish really was safe to eat, and that you write fucking fantastic poetry and will be more of a writer than I ever will be.  I never once had a crush on you, but I counted you among my good friends.  Of that number, I have few.

…life fucking sucks sometimes.


~ by logosamorbos on June 14, 2011.

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