cats are jerks. fuzzy adorable jerks.

It’s nearly 1 a.m.  I am scrambling to catch up on a Sysiphean backlog of files (I needed the vacation, the vacation was worth it, totally made the right decision by not logging in, I chant to myself in a tone just slightly less than frantic), and my cat refuses to accept that there is A Dog Who Lives Here Now.

She won’t go downstairs.  Not happening.  The super-sized pit bull who flattens himself on the floor in the subordinate pose whenever I drag her downstairs (hissing and clawing) literally just wants to be friends with her.  He whimpers (no barks! ever!) and then falls silent, waiting.  She doubles in size by turning her fluff to eleven and hiss/growls.  She even gave him the warning box on the nose.




She’s a jerk.  I spent an hour trying to cajole her past the lower landing.  She’s starving.  Practically drooling at the sight of her food dish.  I covered up the dog’s kennel completely–oh RIGHT HE’S NOT EVEN LOOSE AT NIGHT OR WHILE WE’RE AT WORK.

My god.  She owns me.  She’s going to win.  Gaaaaaaaah.


Look at her. She thinks she’s fierce.


~ by logosamorbos on July 15, 2015.

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